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TIDES OF CHANGE – This edition is a project called Tides of Change: New Beginnings in New Brunswick, produced by the graduating Journalism class of 2016 at St. Thomas University.

The project began with an idea that we called “newcomers.”

New Brunswick’s population is growing older. Depending on the year, it is either stagnate or in decline. The implications of this demographic deficit are fewer people in the workforce, a languishing economy, and more senior citizens who need support from government health and social services. It’s an issue that keeps New Brunswick’s political leaders and policy makers up at night—or if it doesn’t, it should.

Population growth is the most important policy issue in New Brunswick today.

In the beginning, we wanted to tell stories of newcomers from all over the world who have made homes in this province; the face of the province was changing, albeit slowly, and this was a story that needed to be told.

Our class began reporting on newcomer stories just as the first wave of hundreds of new Syrian families arrived in our province. This changed everything. The project took on dimensions we couldn’t have imagined when we began the work. We found stories of remarkable people, and a province living in a time of profound change and new beginnings.

SUMMER DAYS – Every summer has its stories. In this edition, they’re told by journalist Maria J. Burgos. Each one’s completely different than the other but they’re all heart-warming, entertaining and inspiring. Just as every summer should be. Enjoy!