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The Cultural Expressions Festival

The Cultural Expressions Festival took place from June 25 to June 26 at Fredericton’s downtown. Music blasted from speakers, plates filled up with delicious food and people’s laughs were heard from blocks away. It was a time to celebrate and enjoy the city’s cultural diversity.                   … Keep Reading


BY: MARIA JOSE BURGOS Let’s start at the very beginning. That way, the Bard can have a hand in the story. In 1890 and 1891, an eccentric German immigrant named Eugene Schieffelin, member of the American Acclimatization Society, released 100 European starlings in New York’s Central Park. Schieffelin’s plan was to introduce every bird mentioned… … Keep Reading


BY MARIA J. BURGOS The first day I met Nat Perry she was sitting on the floor putting paint on a canvas. It was the annual Art Battle, where artists from New Brunswick come to Fredericton to compete. A crowd milled around her. I was taking photographs. But for Nat, it was as if no… … Keep Reading

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