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Excerpts from the testimony of Charles Solomon Sr.

Kingsclear First Nation

This elder testimony is excerpted from interviews conducted as part of the Jemseg Crossing Archaeological Project. The complete interviews are included in a final report edited by Karen Perley. The photographs were provided by the New Brunswick Provincial Archives and the University of New Brunswick Archives and Special Collections. The photographs are used as illustrations and do not refer to specific people or situations in the testimony. More specific details about the photos are as follows:

Photo 1: Outlet of Green River Lake, (near Edmundston), guide standing in birch bark canoe in center of photograph, ca 1887-88. New Brunswick Provincial Archives.

Photo 2: Wolastoqey woman standing under tree looking across river, 1938. New Brunswick Provincial Archives.

Photo 3: Group of men in canoes Ca 1870s. New Brunswick Provincial Archives.

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