The Cultural Expressions Festival

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The Cultural Expressions Festival took place from June 25 to June 26 at Fredericton’s downtown. Music blasted from speakers, plates filled up with delicious food and people’s laughs were heard from blocks away. It was a time to celebrate and enjoy the city’s cultural diversity.

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Latin dancers performed “Sopa de Caracol,” a traditional Honduran dance. Karen Flores (Honduras), Natalia Solano (Mexico), Carolina (Venezuela) and Acilia Brizzio (Honduras).

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Spectators took pictures and videos of the show.


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Tacos were one of the many delicious multicultural foods served during the festival.


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How could you say ‘no’ to them?


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Cuban fried plantains were one the of best sellers.


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People from all ages and ethnicities were there to celebrate diversity.


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African food for everyone!
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And also, desserts…
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“Best gelato I’ve tried… ever.” – Fernanda Damiani (left, Brazil)


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Traditional dances were presented throughout the afternoon.

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But they danced off stage as well…

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…to the delight of many.


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There were many fun activities for children such as face painting.
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And free bubble-makers were given to all.
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Anything for these smiles!


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There’s no real festival without Chinese food, right?


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It was a good weekend, indeed.

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